Black powder coated garaeg door springs

  • Black powder coated garaeg door springs
Black powder coated garaeg door springs
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1. The assumed life span of a garage door spring is said to be about 10,000 cycles.
2. Garage door springs plays a very integral role in the door.

Garage Door Torsion Springs With Hook


1. Garage door extension springs are usually mounted along the sides of the garage door or above the horizontal tracks. Extension springs stretch and contract as the door operates to counterbalance the weight of the door.

2. Most residential garage doors only have two extension springs - one on each side of the door. Commercial doors, however, as well as some residential doors, often have multiple springs installed on each side.

3. Extension springs have either open loops, closed loops, or clipped ends to secure the spring to the garage track hang, pulley, pivot pin, frame, or tension adjusting bolt.

Which Garage Door Spring Do I Need:

Torsion spring systems are believed to be quieter than extension systems. A torsion spring lasts twice as long and can to support more weight. 

The overall balance of torsion spring systems is greater, which makes them a better choice in many ways.

The balance enables easy opening and closing of the door. Torsion springs have fewer exposed parts than extension springs, making them safer to use. 

On the other hand, torsion springs are more expensive. Extension springs are usually more economic. Because they are cheaper, they are the popular. 

However, because they have more exposed parts, they also present a risk of injury. It should be noted that both spring systems operate under extreme tension.

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