About Tension Springs

What are tension springs? Also referred to as tensional springs, extension springs or coil tension springs, these springs are tightly wound coils designed to operate with force known as ‘tension’. They usually have a loop or hook at either end for attachment purposes. A typical application for a tension spring is for the likes of counterbalancing garage doors, in farm machinery or on a trampoline. The primary function of these springs is to allow an outside force to create tension and then use this energy to pull the components back together by reverting to its original shape. As a result, these types of springs are typically wound very tightly and coiled closely together at rest. How do tension springs work? Tension springs are used to attach two components and bring them together when they try to detach. The spring stretches to a specific length as the load/force is applied, absorbing energy to create resistance to the pulling force. In an unloaded position, the loops of the spring are touching. When the components are pulled apart, usually from either side, the spring tries to hold itself together. This can cause the spring action until the force is stopped and can return to its original form. Most high tension springs are wound with initial tension. This tension is the force which holds the spring coils wound together. The measure of initial tension is the load necessary to overcome the internal force to start coil separation. A wide range of applications Tension springs can be used in a wide range of industry sectors, including: Rail Agriculture Oil and gas Aerospace And many more. As tension spring suppliers, we make springs in a diverse array of sizes as they can be used for many applications. Here are the most common uses of this type of spring: Trampolines Automotive interior and exterior Garage doors Farm equipment Pliers Medical devices such as stretchers and surgical lights Experienced Tension Spring Manufacturers You must purchase from trusted tension spring manufacturers to guarantee that the materials used can withstand the enormous pressure the spring is likely to come under daily. At Hongda Spring, we pride ourselves on being reliable tension spring manufacturers that provide our clients with a wide range of dimensions to fit all requirements. We can create springs with dimensions of as little as 0.2mm right through to 60mm. We can produce springs by using either a hot or cold coiling process with both steel and stainless steel. The end types we provide vary from coiled loops or hooks to screw-in fixture attachments. Popular choices include the half hook, extended hook and screw plug. Custom Tension Springs We can custom tension springs for you.

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